Coffee Connects us

There are various coffee traditions around the world, and the best part about it is that no matter the method, coffee always brings people together.   

In Africa, brewing coffee is a big social event; everyone gathers around a fire, while the women roast, grind, and prepare coffee. In North America, coffee gets people through the morning rush; while the Italians and the French have somehow mastered and perfected cafe culture, and the art of enjoying time for oneself and others without rushing from day to day.  

Isn’t it inspiring to think how a humble cup can so powerfully connect people?

In the Philippines, coffee culture did not catch on until the beginning of the millennium, when cafes started sprouting like crazy.  There was a sudden trend of people hanging out in coffee shops.  Pinoys were then getting their caffeine fixes in big chains and foregoing their usual instant coffee at home.

Little did Filipinos know that in the Philippine highlands, there’s been a coffee-growing industry all along.  

In fact, our country used to export coffee, but with the lack of funding and financial support, coffee production declined and up to now, we have to rely on private initiatives to spur the development of coffee farming, harvesting, and processing in backyard farms.

Our mission is to elevate Philippine coffee to specialty level and expand their market for sustainably sourced coffee.  

Through pop-up coffee booths and partnering with local roasters, kapé offers single-origin coffee beans; and by holding coffee appreciation workshops, we hope to share the story of our indigenous farmers 

By doing this, we hope that this would translate to a better livelihood for Philippine coffee farmers.

Noud de Rover