Help Manang Mina build a community coffee processing centre

Did you know that there's about 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide everyday?

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, next to oil. Yet despite the huge demand for coffee, farmers still struggle. Commodity prices are decided by those who are so far disconnected from the production chain; growers are not getting the most value from their farms; climate change is drastically affecting harvests — just to name a few.

It is in promoting specialty coffee that sustainable practices can be achieved. This is what we at kapé believe, and we are focusing our efforts on partnering with indigenous farmers in the Philippines.

One of our partner farmers is Manang Mina Asiaben-Luisito, an Ibaloi coffee grower who plays a significant role in the farming initiatives of her community, Sitio Lower Sayet, in Atok, Benguet Province.  

While she, along with her family and neighbours have been growing coffee for many generations, they still do not have space and equipment to process their carefully harvested crops.  Their challenges come in the lack of financial resources and a space for training.  

This is where we hope to change things. We believe that the key to improving their livelihood is in improving the quality of the coffee they produce. 

On behalf of Manang Mina Luisito, we seek your help in raising funds for a coffee processing centre in their community.  The amount raised will be used to construct a training room, raised drying beds, a dehuller, sorting area, and a green coffee storage room. 

Through this processing and training centre, Manang Mina and her community will be able to produce higher quality coffee and see an increase in their annual crop. This means a better purchasing price for their coffee in the long term.

Let’s help Manang Mina build her dream coffee processing centre this year. Buy her coffee today or donate an amount to be part of this worthwhile project.

Your support is instrumental in bettering the lives and livelihood of indigenous coffee farmers in Manang Mina's neighbourhood.

Iona Fresnoza